Mussels: More than Just a Shell in the Mud

Written by Denise Shepherd When I was first assigned to cover a freshwater mussel survey, I wondered why I should care about a ‘shell in the mud?’ Then I met and interviewed Matthew Rowe, a freshwater invertebrate biologist, along with Peter Dimmick and Austin Haney, two aquatic technicians that work alongside him. Their passion for…

via Mussels: More than Just a Shell in the Mud — Georgia Wildlife Blog

About Alice DeForest

With over 30 years experience in various phases of the real estate industry, I would like to have the opportunity to share some of the knowledge, opinions, and fun things with you. I have also had the opportunity to live in all four corners of the US . I have been a buyer, seller, tenant, and landlord in my personal life, which allows me to share first hand information my experience with real estate. I am now a settled empty nester, that is working less hours which allows me the time to write this blog and travel
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