Folk Victorian House, Clyo —

This gabled-ell house may have earlier origins than the Folk Victorian/Queen Anne ornamentation would suggest, but I’ve not been able to locate any information at this time.

via Folk Victorian House, Clyo — Vanishing South Georgia Photographs by Brian Brown


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With over 30 years experience in various phases of the real estate industry, I would like to have the opportunity to share some of the knowledge, opinions, and fun things with you. I have also had the opportunity to live in all four corners of the US . I am now a settled empty nester, working less hours which allows me the time to write this blog and travel. My hobby is exploring Coastal Georgia and South Carolina. The historic sites are fantastic but my favorite outings are in the swamps viewing the wildlife and nature.
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4 Responses to Folk Victorian House, Clyo —

  1. Beth Williams says:

    This house belongs to Cary Williams Sr. and Ann Ford. It was built by their great grandfather and has been in their family a very long time. Many cherished memories their father, Joseph Williams Sr. was born and raised in the home. Joe Jr.and Cary were born there also. Their grandmother Emma Williams taught school in Clyo and roomed many teachers there. Many wonderful times and memories live in this beautiful home.

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  2. Beth Williams says:

    Cary is my husband and we live in Clyo if anyone would be intrested in information on this home he would love to share.

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