New Ebenezer…Historical Site 25 miles NW of Savannah Georgia

Twenty five miles northwest of Savannah Georgia in Effingham County is New Ebenezer one of the first five settlements in Georgia USA.  In 1741 the colonists who originated in the Province of Salzburg known today as Austria made this their home.  Bring a lunch and plan to spend the day.  Situated on the banks of the beautiful Ebenezer Creek as it enters the Savannah river you are sure to find a relaxing spot on the bluff  to take in the amazing view of the river.

You can get a glimpse of the past and what life was like for these colonial day settlers. Cane grinder and syrup boiler


Here the bells ring before each service at the Jerusalem Lutheran Church established in 1733…The first Sunday school was held in 1734 and the first orphanage in Georgia and opened in 1738

For service hours and more information:

As written in the New Georgia Encyclopedia “Johann Martin Boltzius (sometimes spelled “Bolzius”) was senior minister to the Salzburger community at Ebenezer for three decades (1735-65) and was largely responsible for its success. He was a vigorous opponent of slavery during the formative years of the Georgia colony.”

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Since no village is complete without a resting place for their loved ones just a short walk  across the road from the church is a cemetery that dates back to 1734.  Descendants of the first settlers are still laid to rest here today.  After a long journey from their homeland, under difficult circumstances , here we are 300 years later feeling reverant at their doorstep. Below are photos of a home built in 1755 and the museum with a gift shop.

For I95 travelers….exit Ga 109 proceed north on Ga Hwy 21 about 11 miles, follow to Ga hwy 275, turn right go 3 miles to the end of the road and you will be there…Services are available along the way at the interstate exit and in Rincon Georgia…


For more information about New Ebenezer and the Salzburg History….Visit

Happy travels…don’t waste your road trip reading billboards…get off the Interstates there is so much to see in the USA!!!!


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