Christmas Time in a small town USA-Meldrim Georgia


Some days you just need a break from the “busy-ness” of the season.  Those are the times that it is so refreshing to visit a small town, where the calmness is  soothing.  I always expect that someone in the neighborhood will notice an unfamiliar car, so I never get a way without a good conversation with a local.

Without  a lot of rules from Home owners associations and ordinances it’s likely you’ll get to see some creativity at the holidays along with a variety of age and style of homes.

Embraced by the community are the corner churches and a “Holy water” well

The streets are named after Rivers in the Southeastern USA….

This small community is on the Ogeechee River in Effingham County Georgia just west of   Savannah.   It has an easy access to Interstate 95 or Interstate 16.  The train track is active and I imagine that the folks here can set their clocks to it.  There at not any restaurants, lodging or shopping but you can stop up the road in Eden (US Hwy 80) for “southern smoked elegance”  at Mamaw’s

Every home on every street is different, and each one has the special touch of the occupants.  I doubt you’ll ever have to fight off the tourist crowds but if you’re out and about just for a moment of peace I think you’ll like it.

In the center of town is park dedicated to the residents of a train accident in 1959. Although this caused hurt to so many, the residents today share their faith and happiness in harmony for all to cherish.

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