High Tide, Low Tide and Beach Side


The ocean shore offers a generous amount of summer fun for it’s visitors. Along with the relaxing sounds ,salt air, wildlife and cool breezes, there’s the refreshing feeling of embracing nature with a cool dip into the water.

Just as the weather changes so do the tides and sometimes this happens very quickly.  It’s not a bad idea when laying out your “sand spot” that you take a minute to check  any warning signs and lifeguard flags regarding current conditions. Location markers are generally on public beaches and can be helpful for friends joining later to locate you.  With the millions of people that visit beaches during summer vacation it is not the usual to hear about the dangers.  Taking the few extra minutes to check the conditions is a few minutes well spent.

Happy beaching ….take home lots of vitamin Sea


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Enjoy living in Rincon Ga for 25 years
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