Bottle trees


I had not lived in South Georgia very long, when I was invited to dinner at a co-workers home. I couldn’t help but to notice a small tree with bottles on the branches off the steps of her back door. When I asked about this unusual tree she said that was where she recycled her wine bottles and at the same time kept bad vibes away from her home. Never hearing of this before I just had to get one for my yard. Cool looking , fun conversation piece, and could come in useful. 

I shopped the usual garden centers and junk stores but had no luck finding what grabbed me or seemed affordable for used bottles.

Then one afternoon I was heading out to the beach, on Hwy 21 on St. Helena Island South Carolina and on the road side there they were.  It was fun selecting my tree and talking to the lady who made them. She went on to tell me the locals believed that bad spirits were attracted to the colored glass, especially blue , and the wind carries them into the bottles where they get trapped….And that’s what it’s all about

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